Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984
Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984
Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984

Goshen Humane Society, Inc.
PO Box 37
Goshen NY 10924
(845) 294-3984
email: goshenhumanesociety@gmail.com


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Welcome to the Goshen Humane Society



Great News!! The Shoe Drive has been extended to May 30th!

We have added another drop off point for your convenience-State Farm Office in Goshen!


Click here for more information.

Any questions you can call 845-294-3984, or email at goshenhumanesociety@gmail.com

Goshen Humane Society T-shirts sale going on now!

Blue tie die shirts are $18. White shirt sleeve (not pictured) are $15 and white long sleeved t-shirts are $20 for all sizes. Call 845-294-3984 or come by the Shelter.


Thank you everyone for joining us for our Holiday Fundraiser on Sunday, December 7th!

50/50 Black Friday Blast!

Beverly Jappen of Goshen was the lucky winner of our Black Friday 50-50 Raffle. Beverly recently got in touch with me as she was away and let us know that she was donating the entire winnings back to Goshen Humane Society! The winning amount was $1,830. We are eternally grateful to Beverly as Beverly is a regular donator to Goshen Humane Society. Thank you from everyone at Goshen Humane Society Beverly!



Please consider going to WWW.GOFUNDME.COM and making a small donation towards new cat cages for our shelter cats.
The shelter has had the same donated cages since the shelter was built 10 years ago. Our new cages will not only give the cats twice the room, but will allow people to view them so much better.



At the present time we are only taking in dog control dogs. We would love to help everyone, however the financial burden for "helping" people can't fall on the shelter and the few people that fundraise. If you have an animal (dog or cat) that you want to surrender, talk to your Veterinarian, your family, or friends as often this is the last venue we use and there is usually someone that can help instead of putting them in a shelter. Facebook is a great venue to find homes for animals. PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR ANIMALS ON CRAIGSLIST!! Unfortunately, we are also not taking in any cats right now (except on a case by case basis.) We do NOT receive ANY funding for cats and never have, so in reality each and every cat that comes into our shelter puts us back financially. Unfortunately, we are just not in a position to accept the financial burden. This is why I always ask that people think about whether adoption is for you or not.


Please go to Petfinder or our "Pets Highlights" and Cats and Dogs page to see our other shelter animals.

Goshen Humane Society still struggles with the issues of very low funding from Town & Village. In comparison to other municipalities, we are at the very bottom of the totem pole when it come to funding. Shelters in our area are getting 4 times and higher what Goshen Humane Society is getting. At the end of each day, this means that our survival is based on what we bring in from surrender and adoption fees, and the generosity of the public. This can't go on much longer without either more people getting involved primarily in fundraising and grant writing. Yes, these are fulltime commitments but we need people that can put together BIG fundraisers with very little cost and can work on their own. Please help the shelter as it falls on a very few and this is our means of survival.

Please consider becoming a member of Goshen Humane Society. Membership is $25 per person. $25.00 will go a long way to help a shelter animal. Please click here and fill out a membership on line and become a member.

Find out more about our Non-Profit Organization and our ratings on Great Nonprofits !

Shelter Hours
Hours are Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun – 11am – 3pm

Goshen Humane Society, Inc.
PO Box 37
Goshen NY 10924
(845) 294-3984
Fax: 845-294-3911
email: goshenhumanesociety@gmail.com
We are located at 44 Police Drive, Goshen, NY right behind the DPW and Town Police Dept

What's New

We are pleased to announce the we now accept, Mastercard, Visa and Discover credit cards.

Visit us on FACEBOOK!

See Photos of our Shelter Additions project here.


Volunteer - Do you have some time to help at our shelter with cleaning, socializing animals or walking dogs? Would you like to donate either your time or some much needed supplies? We welcome your help.

Become a Member - Please consider renewing or becoming a new member of GHSI. Click here for an application. Your dues will help us to care for the animals.

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Donate a Bed
Our dogs love the donated Kuranda beds, and we are fortunate we have enough dog beds right now, so if you can possibly donate a cat condo of any size, our cats would be very happy. Thank you for you donations! Please click here.


Click on image to link to this site.

We are ALWAYS in need of cat/kitten/dog/puppy - dry and wet food. We also are always in need of horse bedding pellets which can be purchased at Tractor Supply. We changed to pellets over cat litter as there is a tremendous savings. Please visit this page for more information.



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