Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984
Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984
Goshen Humane Society 845-294-3984

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Please go to Petfinder or our "Pets Highlights" and Cats and Dogs page to see our other shelter animals.

For $250 a year, you can be a Corporate Member.

This year S.E.T. Designs of Middletown, NY is a Corporate Member for the 2nd year in a row.

Please consider becoming a member of Goshen Humane Society. Membership is $25 per person. $25.00 will go a long way to help a shelter animal. $50 for a family membership and $250 for a Corporate/Business membership.  Please click here and fill out a membership on line and become a member

As of February 2012 our funding has unfortunately been cut another 20%. Membership, donations (monetary & supplies) are very important to us, especially with enlarging the shelter. - your memberhship is so important to our shelter animals and to the survival of our shelter. Please ask you friends and neighbors to become a member of their local humane societies.

dog pawFinishing of the addition took longer than we thought.  We hope to have a grand reopening later in the fall of 2013.  We aren't huge, but having 12 dog runs (more like studio apartments to the dogs) is incredible.  We had fencing installed, however weren't able to have individual dog runs for each of the dogs - cost was a factor, but also the layout of the property.  However, our dogs are quite happy.

Its' been a year of fixing a lot of "things," replacing the washer, dryer, dishwasher and now the hot water heater.  In regards to the hot water heater, Sam from Abar Plumbing & Heating was very very generous and donated the labor for installing a new water heater.  Thank you Sam!!

It's been a year for animals, both cats and dogs being abandoned and dumped.  Our Veterinary bills are extensive.  We were very fortunate to have the fully donated services of Dr. Keven Corr for the past 5 years or so.  He came to our shelter several times a month to administer rabies vaccines, do testing and just to answer any concerns.   We owe a great deal of thanks to Kevin and his family for allowing him to donate so much of his time.  Unfortunatley for the shelter, Dr. Corr and his family moved to the State of Michigan earlier this year.  Dr. Corr hopes to be invovled with an organization along the lines of T.A.R.A. which services this area.  We wish Dr. Corr and his family much happiness where they are.  Fortunately, we are still part of a Shelter Program at Otterkill Animal Hospital.  Without their present commitment, it would be hard to stay open.  We are very thankful for the Veterinarians and the staff at Otterkill.  We are also incredibly thankful for the services of Stever Tardiff and T.A.R.A. (The Animal Rights Alliance.)  With the number of kittens and young cats being dropped off, abandoned..... all I can say is they are a tremendous asset to any shelter and to the community.

Unfortunately, this year we lost two of our beloved fosters.  Glinda the little Silky Terrier and Belle the little Beagle.  They were in incredible homes, however both were quite old when found by good samaritans 2 years ago.  Both had been abandoned.  Thank you to the families that took them in.  They were truly like their own family.

Thanks to ALL the Girl Scout and Brownie Troops that did fundraisers this past year.  They spent time with our animals and did special projects.  Beautiful photography of many of the cats was also done and framed and is on the walls in the free roaming room.  One of the Girl Scout troups made benches, blankets, etc... A BIG thanks to so many people that either got married, had birthdays, anniversaries, and asked their guests to donate to the shelter in lieu of a gift for themselves.  ALL ages have been practicing this trend.  It's incredible to see people of all ages asking for others instead of themselves.  Thank you!!  It is impressive when an 8 year old asks each of their friends to bring $5 to their birthday to donate to the shelter.  A BIG THANK YOU to the volunteers that commit their time to our shelter week after week, whether walking dogs, doing a vet run, etc....(Kathy, Sam, Jim, Vaia, Dan, Mike, Claudia, McKayla, Jared, Gene, Ann, Shannon, Liz, , Ryan, Amanda, Marcia, Dionne.....)  I know there are more - thank you!!!

We hope you enjoy the few pictures of the shelter addition. We will add pictures as more changes take place. ENJOY!!

Shelter Addition

Shelter Addition

Shelter Additon

Shelter Addition

Dogs Run

SShelter Addition

Dog Shelters

Theos Room





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